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I’m guessing I did so well (poorly) at Cross Vegas because of the beer on the start line. Thanks much for the love on the KNOG blog. It is always great to see Mike out there, and it was even greater to see all the Knog lights lining the back section. There were more each lap… also, great shot of Ms. Krasniak in there shredding the Women’s race. 

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Tenspeed Hero - Stage 12 

My pal Rebecca Gates and I teamed up with the Hero Becca to make this one happen. Throughout the weekend we sent a flurry of emails back and forth to each other with a series of SERIOUS Tour de France questions. Topics include but are not limited to — sideburns, buy-outs, pay-outs, fashion sense, Wiggo the Destroyer and of course Bernard Hinault. So go check it out.

SNEAK PEEK: Greipel the Gorilla has made another appearance and will be live on the blog later today.

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It can be a tumultuous road to the Olympics. Love this girl and everything that she stands for. I’ve never seen someone work so hard. This could also be one of my most favorite photos of a beautiful (beautiful!) lady and a bike that I’ve ever taken.

Tomorrow morning she lines up with the best of the French women road racers to see what happens at the French National Championships.

It’s On!

from Tenspeed Hero

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Amazing Ballerini caricature by Jon Knight. 

From: Made in Italy

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If you haven’t been following along with Cycling Inquisition’s Culinary Secrets of Colombian Cycling you have been missing out. I received this package of mysterious substances early last month and have been pondering it ever since.

Part One : Powered by Panela

Part Two : Bocadillo

Part Three : Arepas

Part Four : Coffee

I haven’t read the last one yet, but the thought of café con leche stirs up so many travel adventure stories I can hardly resist.




Photo by Jake Stangel

Nice and Smooth by Joe Hall

Leg Shaving Instructions:

01. Run a sink of hot water.
02. Soak razor to ensure a clean cut.
03. Mix cream with water to obtain good lather.
04. Massage into legs using circular motion.
05. Always shave against the direction of hair growth.
06. Rinse blade regularly for smooth, aerodynamic finish.
07. Rinse skin with cold water.
08. Pat dry with a clean towel.
09. Apply pre-race superstitions liberally.
10. Roll out into the sunshine.
11. Escape 10 kms from home.
12. Beat friends/ rivals.
13. Repeat frequently.

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God damn that Moi is a handsome man.

Props to Golden Saddle Cyclery for the killer t-shirt as well.

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Festive 500 Day Two. I’m playing catch up here but who’s counting? Day two was the same route as day one but with an extra climb thrown in for good measure. The real difference this time was the presence of papa (not mine, hers). I knew this would change the riding a little bit but maybe wasn’t prepared for how much. This, coupled with the next days World Cup Cyclocross race in Zolder, Belgium kept the pace high and everyone’s lines tight… Great, great riding around here with more dedicated bike paths (they do look new) than I thought possible. And the room given for cyclists is also heartwarming and makes you not instantly cringe or hate every car coming up from behind.

Still no idea on where or when the redemption will come in, but I’m open to it either way.

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The Festive 500 is officially underway here. Somehow I thought France would be colder as it was gloves off about halfway through the ride. 27 miles is no where near what it is going to take on a daily to get to 500 but you have to start somewhere. And besides, I don’t get to dictate ride lengths or routes…mainly because I have no idea where we are going and there is still cyclocross racing to prepare for.

The airline decided that they should keep our bikes for a few extra days, but luckily this is a family of cyclists and there were a few extra LOOK cycles hanging around. Now, if only I could figure out what I need redemption for, or from…

On to day two…

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