The Richard Sachs x House Industries show will be closing at the Rapha Cycle Club shortly. Make sure you get over there and check it out. 

The Athletic: Richard Sachs x House Industries



Abby and Ira got twice as dirty yesterday, singlespeed and elite races under their belts. 


No offense to anyone else at interbike, I saw a lot of cool stuff, but this is what we talked about the most.


Another night under the lights at the Portland Trophy Cup. This is one in which we discuss the merits of sand - Abby winning - Weaver almost winning and a few other choice nuggets of truth. 

Portland Trophy Cup: Round 2. 



Here is a new zine I made. I like it a lot and you can get one now at @mocastores . Terrific! (at The MOCA Store)



Crossing the Chasm: The Polder Cup

Whether it’s a controversy over goal-line technology, a linesman plastered across newspapers after a dubious call, or a referee put to the sword after falling prey to a bit of simulation in the box, football is a sport preoccupied with its own minutiae. So much so, that for all the vitriol and passion that trails every small incident on the pitch, it’s often easy to forget that at the end of the day, football is just a game.

San Sebastian-based artist Maider López built upon that premise with her Polder Cup project, where she hosted a football tournament in Southern Holland across a series of mismatched pitches. From jagged boundary lines to hollows and bumps littering the field and even ditches of water splitting fields in two, Maider parodied the rigid official rule-set by creating a situation in which players had to adapt their strategy and interpretation of the rules to the environment around them.

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Oh my! (Guest appearance from the Portland Airport Carpet Socks!) Ha!



who knew….?

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That was fun! New course adjustments - extra turns and a sand “feature” - plus another rookie crash on the first lap keeps things interesting for everyone. Special shout out to @houseindustries for letting us use their new Velo font for the numbers!


Wheelie straight into your LightBro with John Prolly on his Rosko! 

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